GPS Monitering Made Simple

We are now offering GPS monitoring services in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

Life can get complicated when you have a court order for GPS monitoring. When you need to obtain a monitor, turn to Divine Providence GPS. We provide OM500-GPS Tracking monitors for South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina residents who require a monitor.

These devices have a battery life of 20 hours and recharge easily at your home. They're certified by the South Carolina courts, and we're legally allowed to provide them. Fulfill your legal requirement for GPS monitoring by working with us today.

Trust the Sentinel GPS Monitoring System

Law enforcement and community corrections agencies use GPS (Global Positioning System) to monitor and track participants. This highly accurate technology has been used for this purpose for over 30 years. When coupled with around-the-clock monitoring of location data, this has proven to be a valuable tool to hold offenders accountable while they are in the community.
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